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Below: Interview with TJ Jorgensen, founder of TJ21 Media Group:

I began my professional career at the age of 20, learning the sign and graphic industry in St. Joseph, Michigan before starting my own small sign business in Berrien Springs. My dedication to clients back then meant staying up all night for a $50 project. I was labeled the guy that would go to any extent to serve his client. Fast forward 20 years and the passion and drive is even stronger.

Today, I serve only you, the client. TJ21 Media Group is a media marketing agency - and I am your personal Marketing Agent. Our prime area of focus is video production, web development and marketing representation, however with my strong team of passionate staff members we are here to serve all of your marketing needs.

In the fall of 2017, we announced our second location in Chattanooga, Tennessee! Now with our home office in Mishawaka and satellite office in Chattanooga, we are excited to serve more clients that want to #GetNoticed!

Check out our video page dedicated to all our film projects. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook (feed is to the right) and Twitter for specials, announcements and much more!

Meet the TJ21 Team!

TJ Jorgensen
Founding Partner

I have been in the business of helping others my entire adult life and my passion is helping other companies reach their goals. Whether that may be through outlets such as video production, web development, branding, social media or just representing your product or company, my passion is my biggest asset. You can reach me directly at 574-607-8112, extension 101.

Shane Varga

My life has been filled with many blessings and opportunities. When the opportunity to partner with a life long friend presented itself, I leapt at the chance to be a part of TJ21. I have tremendous confidence in the abilities of our team to meet and exceed the needs of you, our clients, that my role here is truly one of my favorite blessings. Want to learn more? Give us a call at 574-607-8112

Nick Drach
Media/Video Director

I could have done anything for a career. Nothing else ever felt right except for being behind a camera. I love what I do and love creating content that will last for years to come. I do not live day to day, I live frame by frame. You can reach me directly at 574-607-8112, extension 104.

Jamie Simpson
Director of Marketing

My passion for marketing stems from three things: people, creativity, and technology. My goal is to provide the best possible experience to our clients. TJ21 is the solution for optimal business growth! You can reach me directly at 574-607-8112, extension 106.

Mary Deno
Business Development Director

I have a passion for people and the ability to see their vision. My desire is to help bring your vision to life. My integrity and excitement helps me accomplish that. I am excited to meet with you and talk about how TJ21 can take your company and passion to the next level. You can reach me directly at 574-607-8112, extension 108.

Drew Weaver
Web Development

Ever since I can remember, I have loved solving problems and helping people. I get to do this everday at TJ21 Media Group. At the end of the day, there is nothing better than putting a smile on the client's face. You can reach me directly at 574-607-8112, extension 109.

Johnathon Jorgensen
Web Development

I have been involved with TJ21 Media Group for a few years now and share the same passion that this company has for their clients. I enjoy the challenge of taking on new projects and tasks that push my knowledge limits, but nothing excites me more than showing our clients their new design. You can reach me directly at 574-607-8112, extension 105.

Emma Johnson
Assistant Media Director

I have always loved working with video. From shooting fun videos in my room as a kid to shooting professional commercials, documentaries and anything else today for our amazing clients, I absolutely love what I do. You can reach me directly at 574-607-8112, extension 103.

Adam Guerra
Graphic Design

My passions for creativity, design, and technology are what propelled me into my career as a graphic designer. I love working with clients and helping them get their ideas onto paper. I'm blessed to have become a part of the family here at TJ21 where the fast paced worlds of marketing and design intertwine to give our clients and myself the best of both worlds. You can reach me directly at 574-607-8112, extension 107.

Kira Rayl
Marketing Associate

Most of my pre-professional career has been in the service industry. In college, I studied marketing and advertising because I loved the research involved and the creativity. At TJ21, I get the best of both worlds. I get to provide excellent customer service to our clients while continually evolving with each and every one, as we move closer to their goals. You can reach me directly at 574-607-8112, extension 102.

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What people say about TJ21:

TJ21 Media Group has been managing my companies media needs for four years and I can't speak higher of the professionalism TJ and all his staff have. Affordable, reliable and efficient from startup creation all the way to updating existing media. TJ21 is at the top of their industry in every aspect and will be the only marketing team I'll hire to handle my business needs!

Rex Owen

Xtreme Mobile Detailing

After a bad experience with another website developer a business associate referred us to TJ21. I was impressed from day one; they were prompt and courteous and completely understood exactly what we wanted and more importantly, exactly what we needed. TJ21 maintains our site and provides excellent customer service, I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Julie Dozier

Artcraft Printers

It is one thing to hire a professional vendor to create YOUR vision. It is another thing entirely, to hire a team of people who share that vision with you and genuinely want to see it excel. The team at TJ21 Media Group acted and continues to act more as business partners than 3rd party vendors throughout, which creates an environment for success and a spirit of excellence. I highly recommend TJ and his team for anyone looking to turn a great idea into a successful reality.

Moe Glenner


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