Boudoir/Glamour Photography

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for your husband or a fun way to celebrate a huge milestone? There's no better to say 'I love you' or celebrate a special time in your life than with a personalized, intimate photo shoot that shows off just how beautiful you really are!

Boudoir or Glamour photography is recently new on the photography scene. Many people assume that you have bare it all in order to do a boudoir shoot. This is just NOT the case. A boudoir shoot can be soft and sweet with a cute tank top and shorts or sexy and naughty with your favorite lingerie and heels! Boudoir is meant to make you feel beautiful, so whatever outfit makes you feel the most beautiful, that's what we're going to photograph you in. Whether you are a size 2 or 22, a young graduate student or mother of 5, you are beautiful and deserve a day to be pampered and show off that beauty.

The photographer here at TJ21 will meet with you in advance to find out exactly what you'd like for your shoot, (props, outfits, locations, styling, etc...). Boudoir photography can be as simple or as complex as you'd like! If you've always wanted to do a Pin-Up shoot but didn't know where to start... You're in luck! With a wide variety of props and styling, we can turn you into a sexy lady from the past.

What people say about TJ21:

TJ21 Media Group has been managing my companies media needs for four years and I can't speak higher of the professionalism TJ and all his staff have. Affordable, reliable and efficient from startup creation all the way to updating existing media. TJ21 is at the top of their industry in every aspect and will be the only marketing team I'll hire to handle my business needs!

Rex Owen

Xtreme Mobile Detailing

After a bad experience with another web-site developer a business associate referred us to TJ21. I was impressed from day one; they were prompt and courteous and completely understood exactly what we wanted and more importantly, exactly what we needed. TJ21 maintains our site and provides excellent customer service, I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Julie Dozier

Artcraft Printers

It is one thing to hire a professional vendor to create YOUR vision. It is another thing entirely, to hire a team of people who share that vision with you and genuinely want to see it excel. The team at TJ21 Media Group acted and continues to act more as business partners than 3rd party vendors throughout, which creates an environment for success and a spirit of excellence. I highly recommend TJ and his team for anyone looking to turn a great idea into a successful reality.

Moe Glenner

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