Does COVID-19 have you worried about your event?

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TJ21 can make your event still happen LIVE on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more

The COVID-19 - or Coronavirus - has not only affected our community, but communities all over the world. Businesses are shutting down, staff members being laid off... it truly is something we have never seen before.

For some organizations, the current climate of society today has forced non-profits to postpone or cancel many of their events. And that can mean a detrimental blow to their cash flow, which agencies rely on to help finance their cause.

With today's technology, many people work from home and have meetings through programs like Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc. The ability to go live on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more have given organizations a small glimpse of the possibility that they could still hold their event virtually - but they realize that using a phone is not really going to provide the impact they need to reach donors, customers, etc.

TJ21 became the first company in the Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan to professionally produce multi-camera, full HD live broadcasting on multiple digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch, your website and more. Couple that with live camera switching, full professional lighting, audio, a crew and add in on screen graphics, b-roll cutaways, even commercials and you have your own digital event! Its just like your event was on live TV but even better... because people can tune in all over the world.

You can even have donate buttons on your site as you are live! Make your ask to your audience virtually while they sit at home watching on their phones or computers. You can even have guests join your show via Skype, Facetime, etc and have them on split screen - just like you see on the news. Package that with a full marketing plan to help promote your event and just like that, you can save your event from being canceled and still raise thousands of dollars for your organization.

Not only does this work for community organizations but its also perfect for live concerts (similar to what Garth Brooks just put on recently, but you can actually charge money for people to tune into a private group or website and watch your concert), motivational seminars, live auctions, and even small churches who do not have their own streaming system set up. We can broadcast your church service right from our office while you are preaching from the comfort of your home.

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