Live Broadcasting!

YouTube, Twitch, Livestream, Instagram, Periscope and Facebook Live. These are the networks of tomorrow, and it’s never been easier for brands to meet their audience where they live.

Either you or TJ21 can create the content and we can distribute it. Everywhere. We can share your live video events and campaigns - your stories - with the people who mean the most to your brand. TJ21 has the technology to share stories, drive revenue, and create a high-value live streaming experience.

With the industry's first portable, wireless multi-camera broadcasting platform with 4K post-production support, TJ21 can monitor, record, switch, edit and stream live HD-quality video wirelessly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope, Livestream, your website and other RTMP destinations. No more 360p shaky cell phone live videos... TJ21 can broadcast your event, grand opening, interviews, weddings, sporting events and more with up to 10 cameras LIVE (including live broadcasting from our drone) on your Facebook/Instagram page, Twitter page, YouTube page, website and more. We can place your logos, graphics, names, websites, etc on screen as well.

Take a look at some of the recent live broadcasts we have produced for our clients!

To learn more, call 574-607-8112 ext 101 or send an email to!

NEW: In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we have released new information on how we can help with live broadcasting your events and also funeral services. Click here for live events and here for funerals.